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Last Updated 01/06/2015

PFLAG Orlando have been supporting people since  8/2/1981

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3rd Wed

(Support Meeting)

(Support Meeting)

(Support Meeting)


PFLAG Support Meeting

For more information about the Support Meeting, call the helpline at (407) 236-9177 or contact us at

Meetings are every 3rd Wednesday of the month at

First United Methodist Church
142 E Jackson St. Orlando, FL, 32801
View annotated map below or for directions  7-9pm

Come early for parking and to navigate construction and ask at the front desk for PFLAG room number when you arrive.  See map at the bottom of the page.

PFLAG and its affiliates, regardless of location, are non-sectarian, non-denominational,
and not affiliated with any relifgious institution.


Member Drive

PFLAG has a limited number of expenses and most of our funds go to support literature, books we can share to help in the journey and support for local events such as the Pride Parade.  Please consider a tax deductible financial contribution by becoming a member.  Some employers also have a matching charitable contribution program.  Please look for us or have us added.

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Please join us on our public Facebook page and ask at a meeting about our private page.






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